Download e-book for iPad: Aikido in Everyday Life Giving in to Get Your Way by Victor Miller, Terry Dodson

By Victor Miller, Terry Dodson

ISBN-10: 1556431511

ISBN-13: 9781556431517

Clash is an unavoidable point of residing. The past due well known aikido grasp Terry Dobson, including Victor Miller, current aikido as a foundation for clash answer. «Attack-tics» is a process of clash solution in line with the rules of aikido, the non-violent martial paintings Morihei Ueshiba created after global struggle II. now not all conflicts are contests, say Dobson and Miller, and never all conflicts are both threatening.
Preface to the second one Edition
PART 1. starting attack-tics
I. Losers Weepers
II. Conflict
III. Theres extra to clash than struggle or Flight
IV. Your clash Options
V. Centering
VI. Aiki
VII. Aiki and the round Attack
VIII. an afternoon within the Life
PART 2. complicated attack-tics
IX. Geometry: the form of Conflict
X. a number of Attack
XI. yet Isnt It demanding to Change
XII. Now you are attempting It
XIII. the main adverse Aggressor of All
XIV. The Spirit of Attack-tics and the Attack-tics of Spirit
Attack-tics Reminders

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The triangle is a reminder that Withdrawal is the specific choice, that it is a strategy that must be employed with the same balance and calm used in any other strategy. It is directed. WHEN TO WITHDRAW Withdrawal is an appropriate response in the following kinds of situations: When all elsefails and an escape route is open to you. In the physical sense, this response is obvious. You are Fighting Back against a bruiser and losing. If you spend much longer at it, you'll be broken in two. Unless you're a romantic with decidedly masochistic tendencies, there's little glory to be had in hanging around for Armageddon.

So now let's examine your conflict options one by one, with some hints on how and when each is best employed. And why. IV Your Conflict Options I. FIGHTING BACK In the Attack-tics system, the attacker is symbolized by the upper, shaded, triangle: If two people are engaged in attack and Fighting Back, the event is represented like this: Your Conflict Options 37 Throughout the book the person who is attacked, the You figure, will be represented by the lower geometric shape. Later, in the chapter on geometry, you will see exactly how these symbols interact.

But even as this fell the stranger whirled his staff in his hands, and launched a shrewd stroke at Robin's head. Nothing but Robin's quickness saved him from being knocked headlong into the stream, and as it was he did not altogether escape. The big man's staff glanced across his head, cut his crown, and caused the blood to stream down the side of his face. This put Robin in such a rage that he dealt a whole shower of blows at his opponent with such swiftness that the tall man was kept entirely on the defensive.

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