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The following are the distinctive features concerning its content: 1. There is a natural law for battle. All strategies are based on that natural law and must be investigated thoroughly and rationally. 2. The know-how of battle has been compiled in the historical accounts of the past. You must apply these lessons according to your study of these accounts. 3. The thirty-six strategies compiled here are the essential themes researched by leaders from the past. It would be unforgivable to make light of them.

Clever strategies that are likely to take people by surprise do not necessarily need to be hidden from view. They can be hidden in plain sight. Quite often, secret strategies are hidden in a place where anyone might see them if they are vigilant enough. “Obscure Heaven, Cross the Sea” is a strategy by which you show yourself clearly but camouflage your real intentions. You invite your opponent to look on, and when he becomes complacent and thinks you are no longer a threat, you use this advantage to take control and seal your victory.

Internal antagonisms, internal disputes—all such things weaken organizational strength and invite a reduction of achievement. But even that would be tolerable if there weren’t opponents in the shadows just waiting for an opening. Should there be such an opponent, he will take advantage of a situation without hesitation. The Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 is a prime example of this. Regardless of the outcome of the conflict or your personal opinion on the subject, clearly one reason the Soviets invaded in the first place was because the Afghans left them an opening too tempting to ignore.

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