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This essay makes an attempt to illustrate the importance of the primary of task within the philosophy of Karl Marx. the main of task in Marx has either a normal and a selected which means. often the princi­ ple refers back to the activist point in Marxian perform motivating either Marx and his modern devotees. the categorical part of the primary pertains to Marx's philosophy - the primary of job being that con­ cept which underlies the full process. task for Marx is either a philosophic proposal and a component of human adventure demanded via his method. Marx, that's, not just theorizes approximately task but additionally illustrates his concept in hislife. consequently, we discover the main of task either in his writings and in his doings. the phrases motion, Tiitigkeit, or Praxis to consult Marx as a rule used the primary of job. No significant thinker has totally handled the concept that of motion. We occasionally think that motion in basic terms happens once we can notice a few outward consequence or movement. Spinoza's definition of motion disallows this slender interpretation of task. I say that we act while whatever is completed, both inside us or with out us, of which we're the enough reason, that's to claim ... while from our nature whatever follows, both inside of us or with no, which by way of that nature by myself will be essentially and 1 relatively understood.

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To make one appear as supreme, is to misconstrue Dewey's intention. As mere having is less than knowing, so the fulfillment of experience is more than knowing. Criticism is integrally related to the possession of the valuable. By its operation, satisfying states are transformed into satisfactory experiences. This function of criticism is the designated task of philosophy. Philosophy is inherently criticism, having its distinctive position among various modes of criticism in its generality; a criticism of criticisms, as it were.

P. 65. J. Dewey, The Quest for Certainty. p. 48. ACTIVITY AND PHILOSOPHY affairs, administrative situations, and so forth, testify to his conviction of the necessity of an essential relation between philosophy and practice. The point at which the views of Marx and Dewey coincide is in seeing philosophy's role in social change as the giving of understanding, the clarification of goals, and the designation of means. With both men philosophy is the intellectual preliminary to practical activity.

EPISTEMOLOGY Knowledge for Marx involves activity at both its poles - at the subject's end and the object's end. From his study of earlier forms of materialism, Marx saw that their explanation of knowledge had been in terms of material particles affecting a passive mind. We have seen how in Marx the ontological reality of all entities is their activity. Subject and object have being insofar as they are active. From Kant, Marx took the idea of the active participation of the mind in knowledge. But whereas this action of the mind meant for Kant that we do not know reality, Marx averred that the mind's activity implies that we do know reality.

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