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What finally developed between them? 127. If you look at the buildings that have gone up in the last few years, you can see that many buildings have similar styles to various famous buildings built throughout history. Make a statement about this using contemporary. 129. Before the election the government said it had not yet finished collecting statistics on unemployment and so it had nothing to say on the subject of job losses. What did it reveal after the election? 131. We could solve overpopulation ofthe Earth by going to Mars to live.

What was it like? She had a tattoo on a unique place. Where was it? 215. Eating much more food than you need (especially when you know there are hungry people in the world) amounts to what? 217. It is quite difficult for women who have been raising children for five years or more to be fully employed in the workforce. So what could be a transition? 219. Her grandmother lived in a nearby town. But she did not know her grandmother very well at all. Why not? ) 221. The roof was leaking and the water was damaging all the furniture.

320. Can you explain? In the country, when you look up at the sky you can see millions of stars . In the city, when you look up at the sky you usually cannot see a single star. Why not? ) COPYRIGHT © Keith Burgess 2007 All Rights Reserved. ·59· Activating 1001 A cademi c Words for IELT5 PART 3 Lesson 9: Superwords 321-360 Student A Think through the vocabulary and increase your speaking skills by taking turns at asking and answering these questions. Try to use the lesson words as you answer. 321.

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