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By Birkhoff G.D.

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Quickly review root search algorithms, N by N system of equations, numerical integration. Discuss Taylor expansion of an analytic function and use it in FD approximation of partial derivatives. Present simple MATLAB scripts and also use built-in MATLAB commands such as roots(), diff(), gradient(), trapz(), inv(), and so on. Write a short MATLAB code which solves Poisson and Laplace equations in 1D and 2D with FD method. Then, write down coupled equations of a plane wave propagating along z-direction directly in time domain and introduce the FDTD in its simplest form (give students [25] and individual MATLAB projects).

Felsen, A. H. Kamel, “Hybrid Ray-Mode Formulation of Parallel Plate Waveguide Green’s Functions,” IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 29 (4), 1981, pp. 637–649. References 21 27. L. B. Felsen, F. Akleman, L. Sevgi, “Wave Propagation inside a TwoDimensional Perfectly Conducting Parallel Plate Waveguide: Hybrid Ray-Mode Techniques and Their Visualizations,” IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, 46 (6), 2004, pp. 69–89. 28. G. Çakır, M. Çakır, L. Sevgi, “A Multipurpose FDTD-Based Two Dimensional Electromagnetic Virtual Tool,” IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, 48 (4), 2006, pp.

For example, a device may have high precision; all measurements may fall in a narrow value region, but the results may still be incorrect because of a systematic error present in the device. Resolution is the ability to resolve, to discriminate. It may also be defined as the smallest physically indicated division that an instrument displays or has marked. Range resolution, azimuth resolution, or velocity resolution in a radar are the minimum distance, azimuth angle, or velocity difference when two targets are no longer resolved in range, azimuth, or velocity, respectively.

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