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DEDICATION To Kelly ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am indebted to the following, who have made a contribution to the success of this book: Gilbert Dallas, MBE BSc; John Peacock and Andy Janes of Muntons; Simpson’s Malt; Bairds Malt; Brulab Ltd, County Durham; Charles McMaster, MA, Scottish brewing historian; Dr Stuart Rivers; George Howell, Head Brewer, Belhaven Brewery, Dunbar; Cooper, Dave Thorton; Dr Iain Bruinvis, Amsterdam; Colin Johnson, BAcc CA; James Mackrill, Botanix (formally English Hops) Paddock Wood, Kent; National Hop Association of England; Dr Rosemary Douglass, San Francisco; Dr Keith Alexander, Oregon, USA; Keith Robson, BA; Neil Kerr, Frank Wallace; Dave Martin of Edina Home Brew, Edinburgh; Forfar Home Brew; Robert Burton, BSc PhD MBA, Production Director; Caledonian Brewery, Edinburgh; Dr Les.

To produce ale that would survive the long, hot, tortuous sea journey – half way round the world, crossing the equator twice – and arrive in good condition was no mean task. But as luck would have it, George Hodgson’s stock pale ale was ideal: it was brewed high in alcohol and was very highly hopped, providing plenty of antiseptics. Crates of bottles and casks were stored well below the waterline, acting as ballast; this also kept the beer cool and sound as it matured during the voyage. Here is a description of this ale, entitled ‘That Tender Froth’, from the Cornhill Magazine, March 1891: The drinking of a glass of Bass’s pale ale, iced in India, in the hot weather; how it diffuses itself through you!

Such enthusiasm has led to a range of interesting inventions over the years, and many of these have been adopted by the industry. The following list is not meant to be exhaustive, or a retailer’s catalogue, but it lays out the general scheme of things. A trip to your local retailer and a little imagination should do the rest! BREWING EQUIPMENT Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) Ideally we require a vessel that will hold the total mashing and sparging volume: a catering boiler is excellent. Remove the original tap and replace it with a 22mm right-angled tank connector, pointing upwards.

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