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By Jennifer Woodlief

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At the afternoon of July 26, 2003, six traveling mountain climbers ascended the height of the Grand Teton in Jackson gap, Wyoming. Rain and colliding air currents blew in, and shortly an incredible electric cost started to construct. because the crew started to retreat from its situation, a massive lightning bolt struck and pounded in the course of the physique of each climber. one of many six died immediately, one lay severely injured subsequent to her physique, and 4 dangled perilously into the chasm under. In riveting, page-turning prose, veteran journalist Jennifer Woodlief tells the tale of the climb, the coming of the hurricane, and the unheard of rescue via the Jenny Lake Rangers, the most skilled hiking search-and-rescue groups within the kingdom.

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They wanted me to educate the humans and elves in our ways. At an early age, I was sent to Elmas—the elven seamoon3 —along with Alake, the daughter of the chieftain of Phondra. Alake is near my age mentally, if not in terms of actual cycles. ) With us was Sabia, the elven princess, who joined us in our studies. Beautiful, gentle Sabia. I will never see her again. But the One be thanked that she escaped this cruel fate. We three girls spent many years together, driving our teachers to distraction and learning to love each other like sisters.

Its hackles rose, its eyes shifted to a point behind and beyond Haplo. Haplo did not look around. He had no need. He knew who stood in the doorway. He knew it by countless signs: he'd heard no one approaching, the warning sigla tattooed on his skin had not activated, the dog had not reacted until the man was within arm's reach. The animal stood its ground, ears flattened, the low growl rumbling deep in its chest. Haplo closed his eyes, sighed. He felt, to his surprise, a vast sense of relief. “Dog, go,” he said.

He saw—with relief—that his vessel had sustained no lasting damage. The magic of the runes covering the hull had done its job, kept the Dragon Wing safe from the fiery environment of Abarrach and the lethal spells cast by the lazar1 in their efforts to hijack it. He had only recently come through Death's Gate and knew that he should not be going back this quickly. He had lost consciousness on the journey from Abarrach. No, lost wasn't quite the correct term. He'd deliberately cast it aside. The resultant undreaming sleep had restored him completely to health, healed the arrow wound he'd taken in the thigh, removed the last vestiges of the poison given him by the ruler of Kairn Necros.

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